The workshop takes place at INRIA Nancy, Villers-lès-Nancy, France.
This denotes the exact same place as LORIA, Campus scientifique, Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy, France.
Both towns are in in the direct vicinity of Nancy.

Nancy is approximately 350km east of Paris.

Coming by plane
You may either choose to reach the local airport, or travel via Paris-Charles de Gaulle.

The local airport (Nancy-Metz, ETZ) is 30km away from Nancy, but few airlines go there. Shuttles provide transportation to and from the airport. The “ official ” shuttle service has a schedule, and even a web site. Private taxi companies also provide similar service (albeit more expensive).

If you choose to travel via Paris-Charles de Gaulle, you’ll still have 350km to go once you have landed. You may either rent a car there, or take the train.

The car ride is between 3 and 4 hours, almost entirely on highways. The highway toll is roughly 25 € one-way.
There are two possible train rides.
The most usual one goes through Paris. Take the RER B suburban line to Gare du Nord (10 € and roughly 45 minutes. There are 4 to 15 of these commuter trains per hour).
Reach then Gare de l’est, either from subway line 4, or by foot (5 min).
From Gare de l’est, several high-speed TGV trains a day go to Nancy in 1h30 and for some 66 € one-way.
It is also possible to take a TGV train directly from Paris-Charles de Gaulle towards the Lorraine TGV station. There are not many trains a day, but the ride is fairly quick (1h20). From there, a shuttle reaches Nancy (the shuttle is the same as the Nancy-Metz airport shuttle).
Note 1: you must purchase a train ticket corresponding exactly to the train you mean to take. If you change plans, your ticket will not be valid for the train before or the train after.
Note 2: it is wise to purchase the Paris-Nancy train ticket ahead of time, either from your local travel agency, or from the SNCF site (beware, the web site is buggy). In the latter case, you have to have your ticket printed at the station before getting on the train. You need your reference number (six letters) and your credit card to match the ticket with the payment. Automatic vending machines at the station can do the printing. See this document for instructions relative to how you can have your ticket printed at the station.
Note 3: The RER B ticket is purchased directly at the airport’s train station.
It is also possible to fly to one of the airports in the region like Luxembourg, Frankfurt or Strasbourg airports. Train connections from these airports to Nancy is slightly less expensive than the TGV train. Please look up the Deutsche Bahn site, which most capable to provide reliable information on such cross-border connections. Some low-cost flights reach Basel-Mulhouse or Frankfurt-Hahn, but it can be more difficult to reach Nancy from these airports by public transportation.

Coming by train
Coming by train via Paris follows similarly as above. From some countries (e.g. Germany, Luxemburg), Nancy is reachable directly.

Reaching INRIA/LORIA from the inner city
Warning: the tram service is exceptionnally interrupted this Summer. We modified the following information accordingly, but you might still find information related to the tram that should then be ignored.

Here are a few documents relative to reaching INRIA/LORIA from downtown.

Reaching INRIA/LORIA by car, and by tram.
Bike rental.
Google maps link.
The easiest way to reach the LORIA from the train station is to take the Bus T1 (this is the bus that replaces the tram line).

Tram stop at the Station

In the map you can see the situation of the Train Station and the nearest stop of Bus T1 (the North part of the Tram line is still active, Loria is in the other direction). Bus tickets can be purchased at the vending machine just at the bus stop, or at the ticket booth which is inside the train station, in “hall république”, southern part of the station.
You have to take the bus in the direction Vandoeuvre, Chu Brabois, and get off at stop « Vélodrome ». The ride takes approximately 20 minutes.

The following map highlights LORIA amongst the nearby buildings (Université Henri Poincaré). The walk from the bus stop to the building is approximately 5 minutes.

From the Callot Stop to LORIA

This is how the LORIA building looks in summer:
view from LORIA